Inter Arms Mark 4 - 22-250 need pricing

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Inter Arms Mark 4 22-250 Cal need some help pricing this firearm.
ss # 404XXX Says Manchester England no dings in wood grain stock, blueing is still good, 23" barrel, has Leupold Vari 11 scope 3/9/40
dies go with it. This gun shoots well, smooth action, more powerful than my 6mm.


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    I think you mean Mark X (10) imported by Interarms. These were made by Zastava /Yugoslavia and are a modern Mauser M98 barreled actions. Many of these were used in England by Parker-Hale and in the U.S. by several gunmakers.

    My guess would be that you might get $450.00 for the lot but it could be less.

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    Nononsense is right on the money, it'll go for $350 to $400 for the rifle, scope and dies will give another $50 to $100
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