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HI guys,
I have a griffen&howe upper half for a m14 scope mount that used the old m84 sniper scope used in Nam. Can anyone tell me what lower will fit this upper half?
LOOK AT ITEM # 66206686 for sale on gun broker--I need the lower half of that mount.


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    That is must be a pretty obscure set if it is for the M14.
    I have never seen it but that doesn't mean much.
    Since you have not gotten any answers I will point to these two sites as possible info outlets.



    Bill Ricca, Ted Brown or Different also are very good sources.

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    It would be very helpful if you would post a picture of the portion of the mount that you have currently. I know intimately what G&H mounts look like as far as the original commercial variants are concerned but I haven't seen any for the M14, so I'm unaware if there is a difference.

    Here is what I think you need but you should help us out here:

    GRIFFIN & HOWE BASE - Should fit both the military and commercial G&H mounts. Has typical holes for attachment with three screws and two taper pins. Receiver side is flat but prior owner has filed a rounded groove to better fit on a round receiver. Stake marks on outside by screw holes. Great for someone who wants one to use, but maybe not ideal for a super high end restoration project.


    I'm sending additional information by e-mail.

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    The G&H mount was used for the M1C rifle during WWII & Korea; it was obsolete by Viet Nam & it is improbable that any G&H part was ever used on an M14.

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    Hi Guys,
    Just to clear some stuff up on whatI need.
    On gun broker for sale right now--#66206686 is what I have to have.
    I have the top part that holds the scope but not the lower half that mounts to the m14.
    I was a sniper in Nam in 67-68 and used just the set up that is on the above said weapon for sale so they were used in Nam durring 67-68.
    I hope this helps clear stuff up.
    Craig 25ID
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    I've seen these before but I don't have any access to the information any more it seems. The ones that I work with are the traditional G&H side mounts with either the double or single lever for Sporting Rifles.

    This is the G&H mount screen along with their contact information. I'd call them to see if they can lend a hand with the mount you're looking for. Offer to e-mail them the example photograph to help clean out the cobwebs. Otherwise I think you're stuck haunting the militaria websites that specialize in the Garand-type rifles.


    I'll keep looking but I can't promise anything.

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    After further research, I found that I was wrong. According to "The Complete Book of U.S. Sniping" by Peter R. Senich, the Army DID use the G&H rings & mount for the M14 in Viet Nam. The aluminum base was fabricated by the Army Weapons Command.

    By the way, you can imbed a link in your forum postings by opening another window of Internet Explorer, find the auction page you want to link to, left click on the address so that it is highlighted, right click your mouse & select COPY, then go to your forum window, right click where you want the link to be, & then select PASTE.

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