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I am looking for information on this revolver and rifle. Every bit is useful. Trivia is appreciated. They were owned by my grandfather. Now they belong to me and I am curious to the history.

*RG 23: 22LR, revolver, 6 cylinder, 2.5 in barrel, and ser# 424693

*Single Shot Shotgun Unknown make or model 12 ga: barrel is 27.5 in in length ser#56595 NF, also the following stamps on the barrel: (each coma is a different stamp)12-70 is located to the left of the ser#, a barrel with smoke coming out of the top and a "X" in the barrel, maybe 2 rifles or swords crossed in a "X", a tomb shaped with the letters "BP" and a empty oval under the letters, 850 KGS or KG5 (capital letters), 17.8, 18.2, L1, 830, 3 followed by wo5 or WOS the wo5 or WOS is underlined as in the nd of 2nd or the rd of 3rd, a small "s" is over 106, and "MADE IN SPAIN".
The stock and fore-stock are wood. The assembly has a floral design with a hunting dog "pointing" on the left side and a buck running on the right side. The ser# is on the right side of the trigger guard and 12-70 on the left side in in the center near the trigger guard is an oval shape with an "X" in the oval.

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    RG 23- made by Rohm Gmbh, Germany, imported by R.G Indutries, Miami, FL- These were low cost revolvers. Made in both nickel and blued finish, value from $50-100. Discontinued in 1985. Shotgun- well, the 12-70 is the guage, and shell length in mm. 850 kilograms is the test pressure. the letters BP and a crown have been used as proof mark of the Birmingham England proof house. Incidentally as your grandad's guns, they are priceless.
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    "L1" is the date the shotgun was proofed in Spain,= 1966.
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