Compact 45 auto -- opinions

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If you have owned more than a couple, best low priced model $400-600, medium model $600-900 and high priced $900 & up --


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    I have the same reply for all 3 ranges...Glock 30, or Springfield XD. That is unless you are talking about a 1911, then it would be Springfield, Para Ord., then Kimber.
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    Glock 30 or 36 (depending on which fits your hands better) in the low end.

    HK UPS .45 Compact in the Midrange price

    Not really sure about the higher end.
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    CZ or EAA for the low price, Sig or Colt for the Mid price and Kimber for the high price. My 2 cents [8D]
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    You probably won't find a CZ in 45cal for less than $600.

    The CZ 97 will run 700

    Low end:
    Taurus PT145 or 24/7 (great deal)
    EAA Witness
    Ruger P95
    Rock Island 1911
    IMI Baby Eagle (great gun)

    Mid Range
    Springfield XD(great gun)
    HK USP Compact
    CZ 97B
    Block....er Glock[xx(]

    High End
    Springfield 1911
    Sig 1911
    S&W 1911
    Dan Wesson

    Super High end
    Les Bear

    S&W autos will run between 400 and 950 depending on model and material. Overpriced IMHO.
    Taurus PT145
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    Another vote, Springfield XD45 compact (paid $479). It replaced my Kimber Ultra Carry which was about $300+ more.
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    No one has looked at a Para-Ordnance Warthog?
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    Don't overlook the now discontinued Star "Firestar" 45. It's very compact, has a 7-round mag., flat and easily concealable, and is as reliable as they make 'em. An accurate and pleasant gun to shoot, to boot. Look for 'em on the used market on GB, or elsewhere, where they bring $400 - $500 in new or nearly new condition. They come in blue or nickel. The only downer that I can see is they're rather heavy, being all-steel. But that makes 'em pleasant to shoot. I have two, and love 'em both.

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    Have a "Firestar" in 9MM -- and they are a little heavy, but as you say, pretty solid in all respects.
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    That is the one that i was talking about in the upper price range when i mentioned Para Ord. I have a 14/45 limited in ss, and it has to be one of the most reliable, and accurate out of the box production 1911's I have seen.
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