44-40 vs 44sp

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I was thinking about buying a uberti I seen that was chambered in 44-40 mainly because I don't have anything chambered for that caliber, and I was wondering if I could shoot 44 sp through it also.


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    The answer to that would be absolutely NOT. The 44 special may be fired in a 44 magnum chamber, but not a 44-40. The case head, and rim are larger on the 44-40, than the 44 special by 15-20 thousandths of an inch. There is a strong possibility it would not fire, and an even stronger one, that if it dit the case would rupture, creating all kinds of displeasure.
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    thanks for the info I don't have any experiance with the 44-40, and I was hoping that would work since my father loads many 44 sp for his model 29. I probubly will pass on the 44-40 now but it would be a good excuse to buy a new set of dies.
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    Well, they make that in numerous calibers, and i suppose you could buy them all, so you can get a few sets of dies. That would be my approach. However, just don't shoot the 44spl in the 44-40.
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    You can buy an extra cylinder for the 44 Special.
    The 44-40 is more fun to shoot in a revolver because they load and unload much faster than straight walled cases.
    The down side is they don't handload as easy as the 44 special.
    Either can push a 200 grain bullet over 1000 FPS.
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