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Has anyone had personal experience with 6.5 x 54? I just acquired one from the auction site & am curious about the factory loads that are available and any personal experiences shooting or hunting with this round. I am generally knowledgeable of the history of this round and the high regard that many in Europe & Africa have for it. Thanks.


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    I assume you mean the 6.5X54 Mannlicher Schoenauer?

    To my knowledge, no one is currently loading it. It is a handload proposition only, though you may run across some old boxes of Norma or RWS at a gunshow. There are also a number of custom loading companies who could make some up for you.

    My limited experience is that it is a very accurate, mildly recoiling round, similar to the 6.5X52 Carcano but a tad weaker than the 6.5X55 Swede. Very nice, accurate, mild round, capable of taking most anything in North America with proper bullet selection- though I would personally NOT use it on grizzly or the like.
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    RWS and Kynoch both load for the 6.5 x 54 M-S. From the RWS website:

    6.5 x 54 Mann.Sch. Bullet: TMR 10.3 g

    Distance: 0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
    V[m/s]: 670 628 587 548 512 477 446
    E[J]: 2312 2031 1775 1547 1350 1172 1024
    SID (140m): 2.6 4.0 -1.7 -15.7 -39.0 -73.2
    100m spot: 0.6 0 -7.8 -23.7 -49.0 -85.2
    BC value: 0.315 Test barrel length: 450 mm (17.7" barrel)

    I rebuilt a Greek M-S 1903/14 action into a sporter using the original chambering and putting it into a stutzen stock. Even with the short 17.7" barrel, there is more than enough velocity and energy for most anything on this continent as long as the proper bullet is utilized. This rifle barks a bit since the barrels is so short but it is historically correct for sporters using the stutzen stock.

    The bore/groove is .256/.264 so the bullet choice is huge and covers everything from varmint weight to the heaviest solids for big game. It's a great cartridge but the drawback is that the case is unique and can't be made from any other case. There is a good supply of cases and dies for reloading which is my choice if only for the sake of variety and expense. They are great rifles coupled with a very efficient useable cartridge.

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    Thanks. I have always wanted a 6.5x54 as I have read about them for years. I know they (as did the 7x57) had a wonderful reputation in Africa, plus I like the older stuff.
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    black hills shooters supply has norma brass $36.70/100 ppd.
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    Thanks Mike. Just put my ammo man on its trail.
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    I have a MS 1903 6.5x54. It has an 18+" barrel and years ago I could shoot groups into 2.5" at 100 yards, but a few years ago I got a Kuharsky scope mount for it and now sight through a Balfour scope. Killed a spike buck deer with it a few years back; slightly over 100 yards, steeply uphill, one shot, 160 gr Hornady RN. Very nice, handy rifle. Would probably use it more, but I have a M70 257 Roberts that's the love of my life; though as I get older, that little MS is considerably easier to tote around the woods.
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