AK versions in .223 (5.56x45NATO)

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Hi. I am interested in purchasing an AK version in 5.56x45 (.223 Rem)
Besides Vepr II and Vepr K what else is available? Which are are good, descent models, and, most importantly, what magazines do they need (and where to get them)
I appologize in advance about this stupid question, but all my search online gave me very little information, except that the Vepr is unavailable now and that the Romanian AKs in 5.56 do not take all the magazines.

Can you please help a newbie?

Thank you in advance


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    There is also the SAR3 made in Romania. I havn't seen any new ones in a while but you may stumble across a used rifle.
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    Stop by the boards at akforum.net, it's a must-have for tech and knowledge.

    Great bunch of people and no childishness like most of the AK boards.

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    Norinco used to make a .223 also. The mags for it were very different from the 7.62x39 variety. They were not interchangeable. The .223 mags were 5 to 10 times more expensive a while back, I'm not sure as to what they are going for these days. But, if I wanted a .223 for blasting away with, I'd get a mini 14. If I wanted a .223 for accuracy shooting I'd get a AR15 type of rifle with a bull barrel and scoped flat top receiver. If I just wanted an AK, I'd get the 7.63x39 and enjoy. Come to think about it, I did all three of those things.

    As far a mags availability, I just went over to the www.gunbroker.com auction site. I went to clips and typed in "ak .223" and got a dozen hits. High capacity mags are running there from $35 to $55 per mag.
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    For top shelf, check out the boys at Arsenal. They do the very best quality work available. They have many variations also. If you go to the auction page, and do a search under the semi-auto for Arsenal, you should see a few. You can get both stamped, and milled reciever versions to boot!
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    Romanian PAR-3. Pump Action AK.

    Can be converted to semi auto by pressing out the barrel for a semi-auto one, change gas tube and piston.
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    Thank you for replies.
    Arsenal/Bulgarian guns indeed have a great reputation, however, they are quite expensive.
    I can't seem to be able to find Yugo M95 version, except in kits, which is not helpful, especially since I do not own a hydraulic press to install a barrel into a receiver (I was told that I need one).
    Romanian guns have their own mags, so do the Norinco ones.
    I was considering RUger Mini14, but it is too expensive and magazines are not cheap, besides, it is NOT an AK.

    Do besides Romanian and Arsenal, who else makes those.
    Is it a good idea to have Saiga .223 modified into an AK with 18 inch barrel? How good is Saiga's barrel and receiver?

    Thank you very much in advance

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    I understand plastic 5.45 Russian mags work but they can't be filled to capacity or they jam.
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    you do not need a hydraulic press to install the barrel into the trunion. Using micrometers, and calipers, measure the ID of the trunion, and the OD of the barrel. you want the barrel OD to be .001-.002" bigger than the ID of the trunion. Liquid Nitrogen works best if you can get it, but Dyr Ice, is also a beautiful thing. The temperature of dry ice, which is a derivative of ambient air, and CO2, nears -100degrees farenheight. put the back end of the barrel in some crushed dry ice for about an hour. It will slip right in to the trunion. However, make sure every thing is lined up where it should be, as they are a bear to take back out after they stabilize at room temp.
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