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Hi I got a .45 ACP Silenced Carbine, when I got it I bought 60 rounds of Winchester 230 Grain Ammo and I was very pleased with the performance however living in England there was not much of a demand for the .45 so I went a bit Further to another Supplier and got 200 rds of Magtech Ammo this is very loud compared to the Winchester Ammo, with this new Stuff I get that high pitch noise in the Ear sorry forgot the technical term for it.
So I have decided to start Reloading Ammo for it.
I have got myself Alliant Bulls eye Powder
CCI Magnum powder
Bullets now this is the Question as I have to order the Bullets in there is a long Wait and are Expensive, I need to know what would be better for Reduced noise 290 grain,230 grain. 200 grain??.
I have a lee mould but am only going to try that if all else fails.
I have a short clip off it here is the link

Thanks in advance.
All the best.


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    I am not sure which Mag Tech load you have, but if it is the lighter one, the high pitched sound you are hearing it the breaking of the sound barrier. A suppressor in theory works on muffling the sound of the blast or propellant charge. The speed of the projectile can be another source of sound. If the bullet is traveling at a speed greater than 1050 feet per second, then there is the chance depending on ambient conditions that it will break the sound barrier upon exiting the suppressor. The only way to avoid that is to use ammo that has lower velocity. Hence, the 230 grain loads you had were only between 800-900 FPS in a pistol. The carbine barrel length will add some velocity to it. Hope this helps you out with ammo selection.
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    The purpose of a suppressed .45 firearm is to deliver a subsonic heavy bullet without a supersonic crack and with very little muzzle noise or sound signature.
    Use a 200-230 gr bullet and keep the MV below 900 fps. Use a couple of good reloading manuals. This 900 fps limit from the manual will keep you subsonic even from the carbine length barrel. If you do hear the crack, then back off on your load a bit.

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    For those of you on the other side of the pond, that would be 351 meters/second.

    CP is right; only use loads that you find listed in a reloading manual; just substituting different weight bullets can be hazardous.

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    You're not clear on your objective. Is it to plink with your 45ACP carbine with minimum noise or to shoot a bullet with the greatest energy, silently?
    Lead bullets are available from the USA in bullet weights from 185 grains up in 45 cal.
    Since velocity is limiting because of the silencer, the heaviest bullet at maximum subsonic speed will give you the greatest effectiveness while lighter bullets will be cheapest. Freight cost is probably meaningfull.
    There is published loading data for 300 grain lead bullets in the 45ACP case.
    There's little reason to buy the more expensive jacketed bullets at subsonic speed.
    Some bullet suppliers here will sell you a sample pack of different bullet styles.
    Remember the British did good work during WW2 with 10" barreled Thompsons and 230 grain bullets.
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    Thanks for the Info, I was thinking all .45 Rounds were Subsonic.
    My objectives are to make it as quiet as possible Performance is not an issue as all I can use it for is Target Shooting, the Purpose is as the pollitical views in England are Bad at the moment it is just to upset the Liberals :).
    I got 200 Hornady 200 Grain Bullets of Ebay for 4.95 + 30.00 p&p, it is hard these days to find sellers who ship overseas and the ones I have found charge a lot in Shipping :(.
    My dad's Friend is on holiday in Louisiana at the moment I was going to ask him to get me some and a couple of beta-c mags but I changed my mind on asking him to get me the Items as he would probably get on the wrong side of Homeland Security/Customs or ATF.
    I will look up the loading data and try the Various Grains and see what happens.
    Thanks again.
    All the best.
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    It sounds like casting, lubricating and sizing is your only reasonable option. The Lee 452-200gr SWC is accurate, will feed well, works with Bullseye and is long enough to properly fill the magazine.
    Some moulds will cast close enough to size that they only need lubricating.
    It would improve handloading of lead bullets in thick walled brass like the 45ACP using a mould with a tapered rather than flat base to minimise lead shaving. Commercial casters here use them.
    I would also check if there is a problem with lead alloy bullets or certain types of bullet lubes gumming up your silencer.
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    MOST 45 ACP rounds ARE subsonic- from a PISTOL. Some of the hotter rounds thru a carbine may be pushing the speed of sound. Looking at my loading manual, there are loads listed at 1003 fps from a 5" barrel- from a carbine, reasonable that they could cross the magic boundary. And that WILL get you a high pitched SNAP from the bullet in flight. Look for a heavy, slow bullet.
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    nick, loaded ammo requires an Form 6 NIA from the US ATFE agency to move across the US borders, even (post 9-11), Canada.

    There is no such restriction on the bullets alone (unless the liberal vermin have imposed such in the UK). Pack 'em in the baggage - they are inert lead and gilding metal, nothing more; worst which happens is the over-weight penalty. Get to the airport early enough that the drooling rent-a-cop pinheads slouching around pretending to provide security can overcome their knee-jerk hysteria and apply that single, seldom-used, brain cell they still have, and you should be fine.

    Oh, and if there is time to do it (if the friend will over here for a few more months), you can take 5 kg of the live ammo in your stowed baggage under current laws and international protocols provided the Form 6 is filed / approved.

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    Hi Iconoclast, he is there for a whole month staying with a freind of his a WW2 vet he became Frends with, even I cannot buy Live rounds Due to Laws in the UK.
    I was going to ask him to just buy the Heads and a few beta-c mags. As the C Mags cost 490 in the UK That is about $951.00 give or take a few Bucks and seeing them on GB for like 250 is Torture, someone Told me to ask someone to sell one in parts to keep the Value under the 100 Limit, I have to look into this.
    But I did not want to get him into trouble trying to leave the US with all this stuff and a Gen 4 Night vision Device :).
    Thanks again to Everyone for the Great Info otherwise I would still be scratching my Head.
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    Look up National Bullet Co in East lake Ohio. They have a good variety of hard cast lead bullets with tapered bases at very cheap prices.
    Your friend will be able to order these and take delivery while he is here.
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