SF VI COLT Special Lady

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I have a Bright Stainless Steel Colt Special Lady SF-VI Revolver, double action-only with spurless hammer. I bought it new in 1996 for protection and only fired it about 10 times for target practice the day I had it. It has remained untouched since in the blue case it came in and all the manuals are in the case.

It is a beautiful gun (that's why I bought it) [:I] and is like Brand New. I was wondering how much it might be worth because I am thinking about selling it on gunbroker.com

All I have been able to find out is that it was made only in 1996 and actual production was very low.

Please Help!

Thank you!


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    I would expect it to sell in the $600-800 range.

    These are relatively scarce, so a lot depends upon timing, photos, description, terms, etc.

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    25th Blue book shows it being made 95-96...limited production.
    Value about 350-450.
    The book is 3 years old...value will be more...and the limited run should help. The 700-800 may well be possible.
    Hopefully...you intend replacing it...a girl shouldn't be gunless...[:D]
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    Wow! That is a lot more than I expected! It is in Mint Condition!

    Now I can't decide what to do!

    Does it say how many were made?

    Thank you! [:X]
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    That's a scarce gun. The experts over at coltforum.com can help you with its current value.
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    I have had a lot of email requests for photos. Here are some!



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    I've decide to put the gun up for auction on GunBroker. Any suggestions on a starting price? Is the person that buys the gun responsible for arranging the shipping?

    This is the only gun I have and I really need help! I am a little nervous about shipping. I was told you could go to jail if you don't ship the gun correctly. [xx(]

    Thanks for any help!
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    The shipping is the buyers issue.

    I would suggest you do some background checking now with a local gunshop or FFL holder before the sale is completed.

    So if presently in your name as the first buyer it will end up out of your name after it goes through the two dealer involved and into the new owners name.

    The shop or person you deal with can explain it all to you.
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    I have to go with Big Mango on his suggestion. While I usually advise folks to read the "FOR BUYERS" tutorial that you can reach off the GB homepage, & ship a gun directly, it can be a little tricky.

    But, keep that as a backup in case you can't find a local dealer willing to do this for you. I'm sure some will make you an offer, but you already have an idea of what it is worth.

    There is a wide range of thoughts on where to start bidding. Some sellers start at $.01, figuring that desirable guns will sell for a fair price. On the other hand, greedy folks will sometimes start an auction at twice what the gun is worth, hoping for a sucker. Personally, I take the middle ground; I start out at 10% less than the minimum that I would be willing to take. You have to decide what you are comfortable with.

    Just don't use a reserve; they keep away many potential bidders.

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    I was offered $1,200 in an email. But I love the thrill of an auction!

    Would I be to greedy starting at $1,300? The last special lady that sold on Gunbroker sold for $1,399.

    This one sold!

    This one did not because he used a reserve??? Highest Bid was $1,423

    These are the only auctions I could find. Must be a very rare gun??
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    I'd say if you started at 900.00 with what you feel you have to have for your Colt as a reserve , if you feel that you must have 1300.00 or 1400.00 out of it, then try that.

    Or set your opening bids at .99 with a reserve of your high price you want as a reserve and go with it.
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