Can a LEGAL immigrant buy a gun?

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I had a man call me today and ask if he could buy a firearm. He is a LEGAL immigrant from Italy. He has been here for 8 years. I could not give him an answer, since I did not know. I do not want to break any rules, and I will not knowingly give false information. Do you know, or can anyone point me to a site that will answer this question? Thanks

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    check out the atf web site for all the rules and regs and also check with your stae and local police for there rules.

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    Under Federal law there is no problem with legal immigrants purchasing firearms. If the man has been legally in the USA for 8 years he will have a "green card" and an INS issued alien or admission number. He needs to enter that number on line 11 of Form 4473 and he will have met the Federal requirements and may procede with the certification questions to see if he is in a prohibited catagory.

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    According to ATF (http://www.atf.treas.gov/firearms/faq/faq2.htm#a18):

    (A18) Q.) I have a "green card" and have lived in Texas for several years. Am I prohibited from purchasing firearms and ammunition in Texas?

    A.) As long as you are not otherwise prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms and ammunition (for example, a felon), Federal law does not prohibit you from purchasing or possessing firearms or ammunition. However, you will need to put your INS-issued alien number or admission number on the Form 4473. Moreover, you must make sure there are no State or local restrictions on such a purchase.

    *State law always outweighs federal law

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    Yes,seen one bought in N.C. at wally world and I cannot because I live in VA. Now figure that one out.

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    Ask him to see his I-551 card. Also, an over-stamped resident-alien passport can be substituted for an I-551 card while the legal resident alien is waiting for the I-551 card to come in the mail.
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    Thank You Everyone. I think I can safely answer his question.
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