am i crazy?

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Good morning all. I have been carrying a Glock 19 for years now, but recently I have fallen in love with the model 340 S&W. It is more compact, lighter, and 5 rounds of .357 is nothing to take lightly. Isn't the first rule of a gun fight that you have a gun on you? I think that I prefer now the S&W over my beloved G19. Have I "gone to the darkside" by liking a revolver over a semi-auto? Thanks for all of your input.


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    heh this is my 3rd post tonight, you guys are going to get tired of hearing from me. I currently own a glock 19, and 23, and the P7M8. I am thinking of trading in my P7 for a 1911, or possibly a H&K Usp. am i nuts for thinking of this? I realy want to do the competion shooting, and dont think that the P7 will be that pratical for doing that.. and if i trade it in, what is a reasonable price to ask for the P7?
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    Sell it outright instead of trading it in, you'll get a much higher value for it.
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    What are you CRAZY? Don't sell the the P7M8! Sell one of your Glocks. Glocks are a dime a dozen those P7s are rare as heck. Hold on to it. You can always get another Glock. Good luck finding another P7!

    By the way welcome to the board.

    As far as competition shooting, the Glock is the way to go. Get a trigger job on one of them. The USP's aren't as great as thay are made up to be. I know 2 compatition shooters that have tried all three calibers of the USP & one traded all 3 off, the other kept the 9mm version. According to him he had too many jams with the 40 & the 45. I briefly owned the 45 variant. I really didn't care for it. Had a couple failure to feeds & couldn't hit snit with the sights. I trade back for my Glock 21.

    Also never trade to a shop, you will lose big time in the deal! Sell consignment or sell on here.


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