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OK, I've been playing on the net for 2 days now, checking out stuff for my M53. Can someone explain why the rifles are so relatively inexpensive and the parts or out of this world expensive?
$69 for a replacement sport stock?
$30-50 for a bent bolt handle bolt?
$50 for a scope mount and bolt modification kit that removes the rear sight?

Come on folks, what's going on???
Gunnison, CO
"chaos, panic, and mayhem; my work here is done"

Gunnison, CO
"panic, chaos and mayhem, my work here is done"


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    Hey myles, well if you look at the hole picture,a sport stock is made differently then the military one,the gun comes with a straight bolt not a bent one so time and care must be put in when bending a bolt, and the gun is not drilled and taped for a scope mount, you can find lesser coasting items in the shotgun news or numrich gun parts corp in west hurly NY here is there link


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    Those are normal prices for bending bolts, buying stocks.
    What is throwing you off is you probably got the gun for so cheap.
    What did you pay for the rifle?
    If a guy wants a good scoped sporter, he will come out cheaper to just buy a used Remington, than to sporterize an old military rifle.
    $70 for a stock is nothing, you can spend $300 on a sporter stock, easy.
    If you want a rifle that will give good groups at 200 yards, save yourself the trouble, sell the * rifle, and just get a used Remington/Winchester in .308
    The only way to get out cheap with the M53 is the scout scope. You don't modify the bolt, you don't drill and tap. But, it is kind of weird, you must use a long eye relief pistol scope. Some guys love them, some dislike them.
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    Thanks for the replies, I was just letting off a little steam I guess. I found it very frustrating to buy a gun for under $100 then have to pay what seems like top dollar for parts. The parts I listed were just examples, and not what I'm looking for, well. other thatn the bent bolt maybe.
    I am partial to the M/N since there was one around the house as a kid and I always liked it. I'm not really a collector, just an avid hobbyist. Also, I learned to shoot on what was probably a M/N converted to .22LR. The bolt reminds me of what I used 40 yrs ago to shoot.
    Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

    Gunnison, CO
    "panic, chaos and mayhem, my work here is done"
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    I have felt the same way at times. You can go to any good automobile dealership parts department and put together a new car for a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The same with small engine or RV parts.

    Everytime I get digusted with it my wife says "Yeah, but they've got it and you don't."[:)]

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