Centerfire ammo for .32 pistol

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My brother has an old Harrington and Richardson .32 pistol and needs centerfire ammo for it. I figured this would be the fastest way to find ammo for it by asking the (EXPERTS). I don't have any idea where to start to look so if any of you know where to get some or where I can look or if there are any shells that are better than the rest I would appreciate your input. Thanks


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    The Harrington & Richardson .32 Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistols, take standard .32 Auto Ammo. About every outlet that handles Firearms and Ammunition carries it, including Walmart.
    If your brother has one of the old Harrington & Richardson revolvers chambered for the .32 Smith & Wesson (short), you might have some problems! I not sure if the stuff is even commercially loaded any more? If it is, you'll probably have to special order it.
    Just a thought! If this old pistol hasn't been fired in years? it might be best to take it to a gunsmith to make sure it's safe, some times it's better and healthier to leave them as "Wall Hangers"
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    Then to confuse things a little more, there's also .32 Long & .32 Magnum.


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    No confusion with the H&R's as the old ones in 32 Cal. were 32 S&W
    or 32 S&W Short there is no 32 S&W Long.
    Every H&R I have or seen were marked on the barrel with the cal.
    H&R did make a couple of models in 32 H&R mag but the are of fairly recent mfg.
    H&R only made 1 model of Autos they were the 25 ACP and 32 ACP Self Loading Mdl

    Colts are 32 Long and Short not interchangable with the S&W

    I can buy Winchester 32 S&W at a local gun shop they are around $13-$14 a box

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