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1826 Muzzleloader

the tcthe tc Member Posts: 28 ✭✭
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[?]Help. Just received a 1826 gun from my dad that used to be my granpa's. In pretty good shape-everything is there. I was cleaning the bore today and believe it to be loaded, who knows how long ago? How does one remove a load?
Really want to know what I have......Dated 1826 on barrrel. Under that is what appears to be queen's crown?, under that a capital F and W side by side, centered under those is a capital N, and centered under that is a small capital P. On the stock is "OHIO" in two different places. Can anyone tell me what I have and possibly what it is worth.
I shows a LOT of patina. I assume I don't want to remove any of this on the wood. Do I want to remove any tarnish on the brass? I want to keep the value of the gun.
Any help is appreciated....Thanks.
The TC


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    You're Correct...Don't remove a thing...Leave it as is! It can be unloaded at a later date.... before I go commiting myself...I want to see several Photos of this gun and the Marks...
    I/We await your pleasure........

    Captain Kirk, Tech Staff
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