1858 Merrill Carbine

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I have an 1858 Merrill, SN 10283, in NRA "Fair" condition. What is the range of value this carbine could have in a trade? I am heading to some gun shows in the next few months, and would like some idea. THANKS!


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    MERRILL CARBINE: Type One; marked on lockplate forward is J.H. MERRILL BALTO./PAT.JULY 1858/APL.9 MAY 21-28-61.....and at the rear of the hammer is the serial number...valued at $1000.00 in Fair Condition to $3000.00 in Good Condition....Higher for Mint Condition..
    The Type Two has an EAGLE in Center and Serial Number replaced with Year of Manufacture on Lock Plate...Valued at $1150.00 in Fair Condition.....To $3000.00 for one in Good Condition...Higher for Mint Condition.....
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