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for the 8MM Mauser? Yugo in this case if it makes a difference. Lots of surplus out there but the bullet weights start around 150 and go to 196. Bought some Turk stuff a while back and it goes bang every time but for accuracy it leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks in advance.


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    Standard Military load for the 8mm (7.92x57JS) Mauser used a 154 grain bullet.
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    Be aware that the Turkish 8mm Mauser ammunition was loaded HOT. Also be informed that the Germans switched bullets right before WWII from the 154 gr. 'S' (Spitzgeschoss or flat bases spitzer) to the 197 gr. 'sS' (Schweres Spitzgeschoss or "heavy pointed bullet").

    Here is an excellent reference article regarding the 8mm Mauser cartridge, ballistics and loadings:


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    I have found that my Yugo 48 does better with the heavier bullets. I also found it doesn't like the Turkish ammo. I don't know with the twist rate is on the 48's, but I think that it must be faster that some of the other 98's. Turkish does well in my Spanish and my Turkish 98's.
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    I have found the best surplus ammo that my M-48BO shoots is the Yugo 170 stuff. It's slower than dirt (about 2340 fps) but capable of same hole accuracy. The 198 gr. stuff is really bad about not going bang all the time. When it does it too is slower than dirt....and nowhere near as accurate as the 170 gr. stuff.
    As most have said the Turk stuff really moves out(2980 fps avg.) but isn't very accurate in my M-48. It does better but not great in my Turk M-38. I haven't shot any German ammunition...that just seems wrong...from any of my 8mm's.
    For reloads I have had extremely good luck using IMR4064 and staying under max pressure with 150 gr. Sierra's. I have had many
    sub -.5 MOA groups with that. I also get great accuracy with Sierra 175's loaded slightly under max. I have loaded up some Speer 200's and gotten very good velocity with them at max loading. The accuracy falls off when I push those really hard but they are intended only for hunting accuracy...which they get.

    In a nutshell, I've found that in each example slower bullets by not going up near max is where you seem to get the best accuracy. Even though the 8mm is capable of pushing the same weight bullets out as the 30-06 at the same velocities. -hope that helps

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