Rock River M4

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Has anybody had any experience with a Rock River M4. Are they good quality, and how do they compare to a Colt or any of the other brands. Thanks .223 cal


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    We had a rock river lower that I converted. It ran great with a 10 1/4" barrel. Lots of guys have trouble with 11 1/2" full autos, they should go to the 10 1/4.

    The rock river workmanship was top notch and the hardcoat was very good, too.
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    I sure like mine, don't know how it stacks up against a Colt, it goes bang every time the trigger is pulled, never a jam, very accurate, and the fit and finish is excellent. Oh and an excellent trigger pull too.
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    I'll have to say that every Rock River I've come across has been outstanding. Both parts built and factory built. That means their standards on the parts they build is very high.
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    Take a look at their new one piece riser and rings mount.
    It's a little heavy but robust and rigid.
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