Ref topic: mixing Hoppe's #9 and Kroil

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Well guys, my memory about Hoppe's #9 is sustained. I found an old bottle and box; probably 30+ years old. Quote: the brochure Why Need #9 - "until...non-corrosive priming, priming was a ... troublesome rust producer." Bottle label: ..."frees gun bores of corrosive Primer Fouling and Residue of Smokeless...and Black Powders." As 35Whelen stated, he is using it to clean his M1 after firing corrosive ammo with satisfactory results. The newer nomenclature only states "For cleaning and protecting the bores of all rifles, shotguns, pistols..." The older box states this also. I do not know if there has been a formula change that would exclude cleaning of corrosive ammo and black powder. I agree the preferred way to clean those is with warm water.


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