.22 horn ro BEE?

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bear with me I'm missing some keys.how hard o re chamber .22 hor to BEE on a mod 70, easier to by new barrel, bolt face ok??thanks


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    Bolt face and extractor would have to be modified. Magazine feed rails would have to be modified also unless you're content with a single shot. No significient performance gain will be realized when all is said and done. If you really need a Bee, I would suggest you sell the model 70 and shop for the Bee--you'd be way ahead.

    (I have both a Bee and a Hornet.)
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    If you have a factory original Model 70, in descent shape chambered in .22 Hornet? I wouldn't be screwing with it. I would buy a .22 centerfire rifle in a caliber more to your liking, and just put the winny away for your retirement money.
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    thanks, I have both in poor mans mod 70.( mod 4$) wanted a tack driver mod 70 in Bee as I have come across a beater mod 70 in hornet. wood and blue needs a lot of work.[:(]
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    Bought a model 54 once that started life as a Hornet and got rechambered to .222. Don't recall if any work had been attempted on the rails, I do remember returning it for refund the next day. You could load 5 rounds in the magazine, chamber and fire the first, and when the opened the bolt the other 4 would pop out onto the ground.
    There's a lesson of some sort in there somewhere.[:D][:D]

    p.s. v35. You can't drop it there. .222 velocity (I assume with 50 to 55 grain pills, since that's the barrel you suggest) out ANY modification of the Hornet case strikes me as being near impossible.
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    The Hornet case is about .048" longer than the Bee.
    Looks like you would have to set the barrel back a turn.
    Rim diameter - bolt face diameters are different.
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    A reaonable velocity increase can be had by rechambering to the Kilborn Hornet.
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    There's another Hornet mod out there that minimizes case taper and sharpens the shoulder.
    The new case capacity allows a boost in velocity beyond the Bee to 222 speeds.
    A little research could bring out the details.
    If the barrel's NG, install a .224 with a faster pitch to allow 50-55gr .224 bullets.
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    The Hornet mod I read recently claimed a significant boost in velocity due to a gross body configuration change of the Hornet case.
    Unfortunately,I'm speaking off the cuff and can't put my finger on the article or internet source.
    The velocity may have been quoted using 40-45gr bullets.
    I suggested that should a barrel change be in order, a .224 barrel with faster pitch be used to stabilize heavier and/or longer profile bullets; a better selection being in 224 rather than in 223-16 which I assume the Model 70 bore has.
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