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hello all have 2 #4 remington rolling blocks in 32 rim fire. going to convert them to centerfire. seeing the 32 long colt is hard to come by. and the short isn't alot better. will these actions handle the 32-20 with light loads? i cant find any data on the pressure of the long colt. any info would be very helpful Thanks kevin


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    I wouldn't trust the little Model 4 action with 32-20. An easy rechambering would be to .32 S&W Short or Long, which is just a tad larger diameter than .32 Short & Long Colt and easier to find.
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    The 32S&W Long would be a nice conversion that has been done before and so has the 22RFMag.
    I would love to have a #4 in 32-20 that would handle the 1650fps/100gr high speed load. But unless you have evidence to the contrary, only the above conversions have been successfully tried and approved by the NRA.
    In a project to develop data on 22LR and 22Mag velocities in various barrel lengths, I used a #4 action.
    The 22Mag ammo often drove the hammer back to half cock.
    If you convert to that caliber, weld or bush the hole and reduce your firing pin diameter.
    If you go to centerfire also reduce firing pin diameter to about .060.
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    thats v35 for the advice on the pin size
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