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Do you have Any input; + or - on this odd ball?


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    Its effectively a Ruger 10-22 rifle cut down into a pistol (ie no stock, short barrel).


    I've tried it. . .see above.

    -A gazillion commonly available and not terribly expensive aftermarket parts lets you customize this thing any way you like. Barrels. . stock. . .trigger. . .magazine. . .etc. Pretty much **ANY** part in the entire gun can be upgraded/altered, etc.

    Just don't throw a rifle stock on it, or you go to jail!

    -Design is fairly robust
    -Relatively inexpensive for what it is. (IE only about $300).
    -Bipod/scope make it very easy to make shots that would be hard with an "ordinary" .22 pistol.

    -Not small or light compared to most "ordinary" .22 pistols.
    -Probably not easily holsterable (but would you even want to?)

    This isn't really a gun that you would use like a conventional pistol. Its more like a stockless rifle that you're likely to be firing off a bench.

    Basically its a niche gun. Its a real fun plinker/novelty gun, and it might make a reasonable substitute for a rifle for hunting small game where you don't want to be saddled with the size/weight of an actual rifle.

    EDIT: Responding to below:

    -These have been out for retail sale since the end of 2007. Personally not my cup of tea, but they ARE fun to shoot (especially for new shooters who may not like rifles) and my understanding is that Ruger is selling plenty of them. I doubt they're going to be discontinued anytime soon.

    Building these, by the way, cost Ruger virtually zero, since the platform was already developed. All Ruger had to do was slap the already perfected action into a pistol grip stock and decide what else to include in the package (in this case a soft case, bipod, and integral scope mount. . .at least two of which are likely made out-of-house by third parties). From Ruger's perspective, they really don't need to sell a lot of these to break even or justify offering them.

    -Enough of these are out there that I wouldn't hold my breath for "collectible" status unless/until all .22 semi-automatics are banned!

    -Again, if you think of it not as a .22 pistol, but instead as a .22 rifle without a stock, that's about right. If you'd actually handle one, they're not even close to being "small". They're fully 19" long and weight about 3.5 lbs.
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    * on a boar hog comes to mind when I see these THINGS. Might be a collectable when they Ruger stops making them or they unload the ones in the warehouse, as I can't imagine its been a hot seller.
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    Sold MANY. lots of fun to shoot. Kids love em.
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    Looks like fun for the kids...
    Paintball for real!
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    I have one, the "stainless" version. Cost $249.00 plus tax on a special at my local gun shop. Got a red dot from sig saucer web site ,( a face book special deal ) for $99.00 . It is fun to shoot, very accurate, almost a sbr want a be. At 25yds off the bench using the bipod and 1x red dot it can consistently shoot very impressive groups with federal auto match bulk pack. You can not ask for more from this inexpensive to buy and shoot fun gun. I am going to get a 2-6 or so variable pistol scope for it and see what it can do at 50-100 yards.
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    I had one for a while. Put a red dot on it. Very accurate for what it is. Good gun for kids.
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    quote:Originally posted by bearshooter
    * on a boar hog comes to mind when I see these THINGS. Might be a collectable when they Ruger stops making them or they unload the ones in the warehouse, as I can't imagine its been a hot seller.

    Where have you been hiding. They are hugely popular. I built my own with a Tactical Solutions Receiver. It's a fun little gun.
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