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HAROHARO Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
edited April 2008 in Ask the Experts
request info on; 416Asquarehfmn. Case is marked hfmn. What does hfmn mean?


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    I.ShuteI.Shute Member Posts: 647
    edited November -1
    Probably means Hoffman, as they make a .416 Hoffman.
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    Mk 19Mk 19 Member Posts: 8,170
    edited November -1
    You have a .416 Hoffman:

    The 416 Hoffman is really a kissing cousin to the 416 Remington. It has about 5% more powder capacity than the Remington, and velocities are virtually the same.

    Cases are very easy to fire form. All one does is fire 416 Remington brass in the Hoffman and you are done. It's just that simple.

    The 416 Hoffman is kind of a nice Wildcat to have, because in a pinch you can still use regular 416 Remington ammo in it.
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