HK4 and old Winchester

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First question- I have an old HK4 in .22lr. It's in good shape, and I like to shoot it occasionally. Ever since I've had it, the only rounds that I could consistently shoot through it have been mini-mags (CCI) and Thunderbolts (Remington), because most other rounds do not have the power to kick the slide back enough to eject the shell. The last time I cleaned it though, messed something up because now it will not feed correctly at all with either of the rounds mentioned. Does anyone have any suggestions for trouble shooting before I take it to a gunsmith? It seems to me that the trouble only lies with the ejector not grabbing and throwing the brass correctly. I just figured I would try to get some advice.

Second question- While checking some of the old firearms at my grandparent's house, I noticed that they had an old Winchester rifle, and I was wondering if an error in the printing on the gun would affect its value. It's and old rifle that my great-grandfather gave to my grandmother. It's kind of an heirloom. Anyways, the rifle reads "Winchester PeReating Arms Company", instead of "Winchester Repeating Arms Company". The P and the R are reversed. Can anyone educate me on this? I have more info if needed,thanks.

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    Your H&K may now have grit under the extractor (how well did you clean it?), a bent magazine lip (how hard did you clean it?), a magazine spring or follower hanging up (did you disassemble/clean the mag?), or it could be that there's some stuff under the slide preventing the mag from seating correctly.
    Do you have the manual?
    You could also try cleaning the slide rails and the recoil spring guide, but don't get distracted and start losing parts!

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