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Ak experts, need identifying of this AK varient...

jjmitchell60jjmitchell60 Member Posts: 3,887
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I have an older Hungarian milled receiver AK kit that I am looking to nail down the exact model and looking for a receiver, triggergroup with hammer. safety lever assembly, triggerguard, operting rod spring, and mag catch for. I plan of building it back to a firing AK. It has no pistol grip on the fore arm and never had one. I need to know what milled receiver will work on it please as well as a good source of the milled receiver. Appreciate ANY info. Here are some pics:


  • mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,511 ******
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    That parts kit came from a Hungarian AK-55, which was a straight-up copy of the Soviet AK-47 (not the later AKM). These typically lack the bayonet lug but do feature the cleaning rod. The rear sling swivel on these rifles is found on the left rear of the receiver and not on the butt stock. The AK-55 stayed in production until around 1965 before being totally superseded by the AKM-63 rifle.
  • DRP-AZDRP-AZ Member Posts: 2,318 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Firing Line or CNC Warrior should have, or be able to work up a proper receiver for that rifle.

    The top cover should be thicker than normal and smooth, no ribs.

    The selectors for milled guns are everywhere.

    The recoil set should be a "tube within a tube" affair with a slide on lock, which later stamped RPK types retained.
  • jjmitchell60jjmitchell60 Member Posts: 3,887
    edited November -1
    Thank you both GREATLY! Being it belonged to aa late friend, I want to get it built, use it some, and ghive it to one of my sons who my late friend thought the world of. Again thank you.
  • DRP-AZDRP-AZ Member Posts: 2,318 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    It also appears to be a threaded in rather than a pressed in barrel.

    This is going to make the receiver hard to find and more expensive when you do. They are also a cast-iron * to build, since, unlike when it was built originally, you are stuck with the accoutrements on the bbl in the location where they are now.

    Like building Galils with used barrels, a lot of trial and error involved in establishing "index" and "headspace" at the same time. When they are originally built the headspace is established, then everything else is put on the bbl. When you have a barrel that already has all the stuff put on it, you are limited by that, typically resorting to using thin shims, or making changes to the dimensions of the receiver in order build a safe rifle.

    Not fun. The half-dozen I've done stand out as exercises in frustration which, although they turned out gorgeous when done, took hours to get them just right, and I probably didn't charge enough for the job. can explore the possibility of turning off the threads and making it a press-in bbl and using a press-in receiver.
  • jjmitchell60jjmitchell60 Member Posts: 3,887
    edited November -1
    Actual;ly found the receiver with fireing lines and they do the build for $250 as well. Going to cointact them Monday and see for sure that their milled threaded receiver is teh one I need. If so I am looking at around $800 total counting the receiver, US compliant part, and thenm doing the build. Worth it to me being it will go to my son.

    Got those 2 boys argueing over which of the M1s I bought off you Mark that they get!!! Each ones the same one as usual, glad I bought 2 off you but wished I had bought same make!!!![;)] I tried to tell them I am NOT dead yet! that youngest in the USAf has more guns of mine than any kid should have at all IMHO his age!!!! [:D]
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