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fastcarsgofastfastcarsgofast Member Posts: 7,179
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So I was looking at durabake and duracoat on line today. I ruled out duracoat because I don't a spray gun. I was considering durabake but when I emailed a question to them I got a really smarta** response. Needless to say they don't need my business if they are going to act like that.

The question is, what other products might I consider for finishing my shotgun? I want something that will not wear off of the mag tube and leave those ugly wear marks.


  • b00merb00mer Member Posts: 975 ✭✭✭✭
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  • Wehrmacht_45Wehrmacht_45 Member Posts: 3,377
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    With perkerizing you still get shinety wear marks eventually. Pretty much the onlything that wont wear is Hard Chrome which will look like hell on a pumps mag tube and be bad for anything but a marine enviornment.

    Its just like trying to prevent finish wear on pistols you carry in a holster.....pretty much all finishes succumb to wear.

    But for ease and durability try the cerama ciote stuff from Wheeler Engineering. You can get it through midway. Nice matt black finish they wears well and can easily be done much like any oven cure finish. KG Gun Kote works great as well.
  • fastcarsgofastfastcarsgofast Member Posts: 7,179
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    I've pretty well decided on the cerama coat for my shotgun and Kel Tec but still wanted to know if there are any other products I should look into.

    Oh, and thanks to all that offer help.
  • rlnblkrlnblk Member Posts: 130 ✭✭✭
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    Check Brownells,They have several products that will work for you.
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