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I recently bought about a quart of varsol to clean my sons soft top on his jeep,( to remove the goop leftover from duct tape I put on) does anyone know if this would be any good as a cleaner for black powder or any type of rifle? I have better than a pint of the stuff left just wondering if it would take off blueing?


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    Would you get back to us with the ingredients? We'll be able to give you a dead-on eval as to the plusses, and minuses. Best, Joe
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    Varsol WILL NOT hurt bluing but you will have to oil good . It does Clean very well . Good on getting all kind of goop of of wood metal ETC.
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    givette best I can tell it is between deisel and kerosene on the refining scale not sure if there is anything else added. I got it at a local wholesale gas/oil distributer you can buy it out of a pump like gas so much per gallon. also is expensive about $2.50 per quart. It turned the duct tape residue to an almost hard silicone like gel, it just rolled off. was really wondering what it would do to black powder residue.
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    Varsol is the ExxonMobil Chemical brand for a line of conventional aliphatic fluids with low, medium and high flash points. These fluids boil in the mineral spirits or white spirits range. These grades are characterized by mild odors, clean evaporation and solvency power to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications, often replacing less refined kerosene.
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