HELP!!! taking a stock off

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I have a savage 220b 12 GA and and I want to take the stock off so I can reblue it and try to redo the stock with truoil. I tried loosed the big bolt it the stock with a large flat head screwdriver and I can't brake it loose. I am afraid that I am going to tare it up. If I put any more pressure on it. I don't know if I am turning it the right way or not. (clockwise or counter clockwise) Could someone give me some advise to how to do this without hurting my gun. THANK YOU.


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    Most likely rusted get a screw driver bit that fits the slot TOO THIN of a blade will most likely twist and ruin the slot [V] .get a bit that fits a 3/8 ratchet and using a extension and either ratchet or BUTTERFLY air type of impact wrench you will get it loose it is right hand thread Counter Clockwise to loosen
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    Get yourself a can of KROIL, a penetrating oil, and prop the gun up on the muzzle,now spray some kroil on the screw and allow it to run down the screw into the threads,allow it to stand about 15 minutes,and then turn the screw CCW, it WILL come out. hope this helps.
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    It can sometimes help to loosen a screw by tapping on the top of the screwdriver with a hammer as you try to loosen it. Kind of like an impact wrench.
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    I would prop the gun muzzle up and spray (drip) kroil down into the back of the reciever.
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    Be careful that you don't let the flat blade of the screwdriver slip off to the side of the screw head while it's down inside the stock butt. If it does and you turn the screwdriver handle with any force,it will crack the stock.
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