source for iron sights for high power rifles

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Looking for match sights for a newly aquired high power rifle. Rifle is pictured here.



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    Apparently you didn't get the Redfield aperture sight pictured on the rifle. Since it has a Redfield sight base then I would look for a Redfield Olympic, Redfield International, or Redfield Palma sight for it. First choice would be Palma and last choice an Olympic but all are good sights and would work. There are several choices on the front sight. The Redfields are no longer in production but are good sights and often appear on ebay. I agree that Brownells or Midway would be the source of currently available aperture sights. Good ones will cost a good bit.
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    There are several sights that will fit a Redfield base, check at Sinclair, Champions Choice, Champion Shooter's Supply, and OK Weber.
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    the CMP (www.odcmp.com) has redfield olimpic and international sights for sale (used) $100 & $150 resp. However these arn't considered competive today.
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