Remington Model 26 BB Gun

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I recently took a Remington model 26 BB gun in on a trade that I made for another gun I had. This gun is in excellent condition with over 95% of its original blue finish. It sat in the original owners closet since 1948 until his grandson got it in 1978 when he got it, used it for about a month, then went into storage until I got it about a week ago. It seems to functions fine except when you pump it the forearm doesn't lock forward like most guns. It does fire when forward just like the safety feature printed on the side of the receiver says it is supposed to as long as it is held in place. I have been told this is the normal function for this gun not to lock forward, but I don't know if it is or not. I was wondering if anybody here knows if it is supposed to or not and has a clue as to the value to it. I appreciate any help I might get on it.


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