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Engraved Colt Commander part ll

tone59tone59 Member Posts: 670 ✭✭
edited July 2014 in Ask the Experts
perry shooter and Hawk Carse...
Thank you both for your comments.

I am all but certain that dads 1911 was nickeled after it left the factory.
To be sure the first thing to do is pay Colt for a letter.
If the gun is factory original,I would of course leave it alone and acquire a set of what I believe to be WWll period correct bakelite grips for it.
Dad would have thought it a bad idea to alter a 70 year old factory original gun for sentimental reasons.
I would agree.

As far as the DOM... 1942 was the date given to me over the phone when I called Colt.
I don't know how reliable the over the phone dates are.
Over the phone High Standard gave me a born on date of 1943 for my H-D military(SER#30295x).
I think the model began in 1945.
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