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I have a 922 which does not have much collector interest or value as the original grips are missing and the original 10 inch barrel has been shortened. However, serial number may be of some interest. It has serial number of 121369. Based on other threads I've read, this seems to be quite early in production. I can provide photos or other documentation if interested. I'm interested in any feedback.


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    I have a H&R 922 model in fair condition (white, marble-ized, plastic grips) with the serial number N49441. Would anyone tell me the approximate value and about when the gun was made? Thanks for you help.
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    Just got a H&R 922 serial # D2604
    Can anyone tell me the year
    It's also in mint never fired is it worth anything
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    Can anyone tell me where to look to locate the serial number on the 922's? Can't seem to locate it. Thanks!
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    I was given my Grandmother's 922 pistol. Was trying to find some info on it.
    Left side of barrel- MODEL 922 H&R ARMS CO.

    The only other thing I can find on it is on bottom of grip. N10870
    Can anyone tell me anything about it?
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    I am working on a h&r 922 it is a hit and miss it will fire moust of the rounds in the cyl. but it will not on some I have replaced the mainspring,and stoned the cylinder looks good ? any help
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    How good a dent is the firing pin putting in the cases and is it striking in the right place? Maybe the pin has been damaged #8, does the transfer bar fit properly ie. when pressed forward the pin extends enough to strike the case.

    Is it always the chamber(s) that misfire? Have you tried some other brand of ammo?
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    this gun has not got a transfer bar it will miss fire on diffront cylinders and the nose of the hammer look good and makes a good looking mark on the shells the gun is clean --thank s for the reply--
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    sorry I mean diffront chambers
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    Not sure if we are allowed to link to other forums or not.


    Brownells article on measuring pin protrusion.


    I know you said it misfires on different chambers but is it doing it randomly, here and there but on different chambers every time? Or is it always the same 3-4 chambers, only randomly? If it misfires on every chamber but only each one, here there, randomly, I would guess pin protrusion maybe combined with ammo tolerances, shorter or longer cases, a lot of lower quality .22 ammo varies, a lot.

    On the other hand, if it is the same 3-4 chambers it could be some chamber rims are deeper/shorter than the others, allowing the round to fall deeper into the cylinder.

    One other thing to look at especially in .22 caliber is burred chamber edges from dry firing, run a Q-tip around each cylinder chamber and then examine under magnifying glass for strands/tufts of cotton sticking to burrs.

    You said the FP looks good and you have a new mainspring, and it appears to travel free and clear through-out its whole length of travel?
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    thanks for the help--it missfires ramdomal I tried diffront ammo I will try the q tip
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    Is it the one with the flat mainspring, or coil mainspring? There are at least two mainsprings for each type.

    EDIT 1

    Sorry, I should have known. Yours has to have the flat mainspring, as the coil spring model, DOES have a transfer bar, and a frame mounted firing pin. Yours has a hammer mounted firing pin. Check the pin for wear, especially if it looks like you are getting lite hits.

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    The firing pin is mounted in the frame or on the hammer? If it is a coil spring, it should have a frame mounted firing pin, and a transfer bar.

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    this one has a coil main spring
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    IN gunsmith,

    Some of these guns have a rebounding hammer, and the TOP end of the mainspring rod has a FORKED "saddle" on it. Harring & Richardson used TWO different saddles, or rod heads: a PLASTIC head, and a METAL head. The plastic heads are prone to splitting, and that causes the situation that you are in. Numrich's has both types of guiderods, if you need the rebounding type. You can buy the metal-headed guiderod, to replace the plastic type.


    Parts 27A, and 27:







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    Sorry to hear you're having problems with your H&R 922. I bought one used at least ten or twelve years ago. I've shot it a lot and have never had the slightest problem!
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