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GunBroker.com provides this forum to allow users to engage in open discussion regarding topics of interest to our community.

In general we expect everyone to act like adults and to show respect for each other, just as you would if the other parties were guests in your home. If you are looking for an unmoderated free-for-all you will not be at home here.

We do not allow the posting of 'For Sale' or 'For Trade' listings anywhere on these message forums. If you have something to sell, please post it on our auction site at http://www.gunbroker.com We do not allow ?For Trade? listings anywhere on our auction site or message forums.

Other stuff we automatically delete:
    Auction support, technical support, or billing questions are not allowed in the forums. If you have a support or billing question click Help Center from the top of any auction site page.
    Complaints or criticism about GunBroker.com, its staff, its policies, or any buyer or seller on that site. If you have a problem with an auction transaction use the auction feedback system and/or contact tech support.
    Complaints or criticism about these message forums or their moderators.
    Complaints about businesses, persons, or transactions unrelated to this site (in general all complaints will be deleted).
    Questions about why a post was deleted, locked, edited, or moved. This page explains why.
    Commercial advertisements for any product, service, or web site.
    Posts containing links or references to any competing site.
    Posts containing links or references to any web site critical of this site.
    Posts containing links or references to any web site we do not like.
    Profanity, nudity, vulgarity, racism, etc.
    Posts that violate any federal, state, or local law, or that infringe on another party's intellectual property (copyright, trademark, etc.) are prohibited.

If we deleted or closed your post it means that we did not want it here. If we delete or close a post and you re-post it, access privileges will be suspended.
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