messico is lost in margaritasvile

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maybe get ready for a HUGE amount of American aid to be wasted...president of messica MAY declare a truce with drug cartels because the police and military are so corrupt.....nothing is being gained but dead people so the new idea is a UN style peace keeping type force just to be conciliatory to gangs and spend tubs of money to try to get the local kids towards legitimate jobs ( after siphoning off a large % in messico city no doubt) looks to me if this is adopted then the USA will be wasting boatloads of cash ( PC foreign aid) trying to support this nonsense....i propose instead of cash to send congessional democrats south to function as social workers ...like the church groups sent volunteers there to build schools and such years ago before it got to dangerous..a friend of mine made several such strips......don't know if it helped but he FEELS good
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