Here is why The E.U. will fail & Maybe even The USA!

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The GLOBAL VILLAGE will not survive if there are pockets of disparity along with pockets of prosperity and that is why socialism along with A.I. will be the new model of the United Nations over all of us. Just got to have a little chaos first to convince we the people to eat it! :mrgreen:


Is Germany really eligible to deport refugees to EU countries with poor living conditions? Maybe? But this is the fly in the salad, have fun eating your salad!


Berlin is within its rights to deport asylum-seekers to other countries in the bloc, even if they'll encounter poor living conditions there, according to the EU's highest court. Exceptions apply only in extreme cases.


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    would not be an issue if they were never let in in the first place...and the UN needs GONE from the USA ...as much as it is trying to redo our govt into their mold... and we have been the biggest $$$$ input into our self destroyers
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