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Rem 1100 to 3"?

Sparty_76Sparty_76 Member Posts: 714 ✭✭
edited March 2019 in Ask the Experts
When visiting my cousin over in Michigan a couple years ago, he told me that he had my uncle?s 12-gauge shotgun and wanted me to have it. Cous does not have any kids and knows I have 4 grandsons. My uncle was his step-father and they were never very close, and I had been a bit closer. When he told me about the gun the only shotgun I remember my uncle having was, the oldest ugliest pump shotgun I ever remember seeing. If I recall it was an old beat up Sears (Stevens) shotgun, with no recoil pad. I remember all too well, at about 10, when I asked my uncle to teach me how to shoot it and he told me to hold it about 1? from my shoulder. After it felt like it would take my shoulder off, I remember him laughing at me and telling me I would never forget to hold a shotgun tight to my shoulder again. Well Uncle was sure right about that! As my shoulder winced from the 50 year-old memory I was not sure I wanted that old piece of junk, but wanted to not seem ungrateful so I said, ?OK!? Thought to myself, ?Well maybe someone can make a wall hanger from it, although ugly!?
Well to my amazement, my cousin comes back with what looks like a new Remington box. I open the box and it is a rather new looking Remington 1100. My cousin said Uncle had bought it and died before he had shot it. My cousin says had only shot it a couple times and that was 25 years ago. When I took the barrel off the gas rings fell out in pieces. I always wanted an 1100 to go with my old 870 Wingmaster and Nylon 66. The serial number and Remington say was made in 1985. I had my gunsmith put swivels on it for a sling, bought more rings, and I bought a new Remington Vent-Rib Barrel, with interchangeable chokes. I sold the old straight modified barrel for $140 so only have $100 into it. It will make a grandson a nice pheasant gun.
Sorry, it took so long, but here is my question. Is there any way a gunsmith can modify it to shoot 3? shells too? My auto Binelli guns shoot 3? or above. When I bird hunt, especially out West I like to have my third shot be a 3?, more habit than anything. I am just wondering.


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