MCCarthy Mueller & the demo drones

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ATTACK ATTACK find something to make a crime out of.....(while the clintons hide in the outback FREE and CLEAR)....demorats are so afraid mueller cannot crucify Trump so they have demanded info from 81 diff indiduals and organizations in search of the holy grail of a crime and anythihg they can get going back 10 years ...there are 17 ongoing LEO investigationss and the offers of imunity or reduced sentences abound to ANYONE who will implicate Trump in anything......a fishing expedition of desperation, while the country languishes after RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA to the demos moving the goal line to taxes and finances.....as in all the socialist FREEBIE programs designed to snare the unwitting youthful voters into a cheering squad... to the clintons sitting at home this has to be better than watching married with children on tv as AL Bundy gets snagged from every direction


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    member of congress on tv this morn with reporter asking if they would accept Muellers report....yes, he is an honorable man but we need to read it word for word to see if there is anything we dont agree with >>>>>>????<<<<<<<dont want to run another investivation and spend the taxpayer money ...unless.....talking out of BOTH sides of his pie hole..........
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