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SOCIALIST AMERICA...where every minority can dig back 60-80-100-++ years and find some act by a white majority persons distant relative that DEMANDS the soothing of these ravaged hearts by the slavering of money on these current lazy non productive fault finders ......some bodys great great grandaddy did something that now demands pawing open the grave ( like destroying historical statues) in the hopes of an undeserved deluge of cash ..........NO WAY do these greedy idiots understand the opportunity of being here in the greatest country for their own improvement in the history of the world by their own labors.....this is fortified by the incessant advertisement of huckstering lawyers and grasping politicians with the mantra (GET ALL YOU DESERVE.....BULL----FNN --- SHEIT


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    Defacing any statue should be a hate crime, unless you are a socialist.
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    They are remaking America and yet fail to realize that what they destroy is the country they never will have. If American whites had not fought The axis powers in WWII they would have become slaves again. The politicians here after WWII have destroyed this country, not white people. Soon The system will fold under entitlements and the Miltary Budget, along with the debasing of our currency with the petro dollar which will fail unless we have a big war again and win it outright. What are the odds of that happening again? Slim to none in my opinion.

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    just waiting for them to attack the green goddess in NY harbor :shock:
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    the Statue of Liberty was a gift TO America from France.....seems now after the fire in one of France's most revered structures it would be a good time to send a big favor ?? their way to help ...FROM America
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