former governor sam brownback

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of kansas got placed in as the US ambassador of religious freedom at large to the world....after a wreck in state govt this has to be a snafu of a large order for him to seemingly be on a world wide paid vacation with no legal binding authority to do anything but interject his opinion ???? i have been unable to find any info on what this is costing us taxpayers.....any help out there ????


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    more info...office of international religious freedom( OIRF) where browback (BB) could weaponise "religious freedom" (RF) around the world....there is an annual report of the OIRF of every country in the world used to formulate agendas of US foreign policy...and how to apply huge amounts of money...so BB has a pulpit to preach HIS interpretation of American policy backed by cash incentives.....not the political payback vacation i had imagined...wonder if he will go on up to be a big PITA like former gov Sebelius was after leaving kansas
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