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A Chance to Kick NRA in Constructive Manner

tr foxtr fox Member Posts: 13,856
Probably surprising to some, but while I support the overall entity known as the NRA, I do not automatically support anybody or everybody who is on the NRA payroll or in a position of authority at the NRA. Me knowing there are bad actors within the NRA, but with me still supporting the NRA in general, is not a contradiction in reason or logic. Like it or not, the NRA is the oldest, best known worldwide, largest, most well funded and organized, and has the most powerful and political connections and knows how to use them, of any other gun rights organization in the world. I don't want to see a nuclear bomb dropped on that organization. Such instant destruction of the NRA would instantly weaken the pro-2A side and be seen as a weakness and therefore strengthen and embolden the anti-2A side. Just as if America got fed up with the problems with our military and eliminated it with the intention of building a new and better military. Such self-inflected injury would encourage our foreign enemies to see this weakness as an unusually attractive opportunity to move against us while we were in the process of rebuilding our military. It would be far, far better to leave our flawed military in place and work to improve the areas that need improvement. The link below will take you to an excellent article from somebody who knows what is going on and provides instructions on how to improve and reform the NRA without destroying it. Constructive reform without the suicidal need to completely destroy the NRA with the naive hope of quickly and thoroughly building a replacement without us 2A people suffering during that rebuilding time. I myself am going to run a hard copy of the below article and mail it to NRA president Ollie North, as well as to a few of the NRA board members. I may also just in general mail a copy to the NRA headquarters in the hopes that the NRA rank & file gets the message that hopefully help is on the way. Doing this might bring about more improvement of the NRA than does the long term, non-stop NRA bashing that is and has been going on right here of this forum. BTW, there is nothing wrong with supporting more than one pro-2A rights organization. JMHO


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