While looking to buy "South Park Season 22"

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I stopped by Target after checking to make sure they had DVDs before wasting my time looking. It indicated they had them in store. So while walking in I see this person (got to be sensitive these days) wearing skinny jeans. For the next few minuets I had a good chuckle.

Anyways I got to the DVD section where I noticed they down sized the DVD/CD area to a size of a 5'X15'? Read small. So I guess they're doing away with them. They may carry new release and MCU and that'll be it. So I guess I'll be buying on line soon. I'll have to get used to returning them through the mail for defect discs.

Oh both Targets near me didn't have it but Walmart did. I suppose Best Buy might've but they didn't open until 10:00 so I didn't get to find out.


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    We were in Best Buy the other day. Ms WT commented that even they downsized their CD / DVD aisles to a very small section.
    Just as with books, society is moving away from physical media to downloadable...
    Going to be a real awakening after a hard drive crash!
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