brass knuckles now legal in Texas.

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brass knuckles are now legal in Texas.


that's nice they did it so people with little brass knuckles on their keychains don't get in trouble.
?Law abiding Texans who carry knuckles, perhaps as part of a novelty key chain, should not be vulnerable to jail time for possessing a legitimate self defense tool,? the summary says.

note, there is a difference between rights, and being allowed to do something on the whim of a politician.

so how about other impact weapons such as batons, nightsticks, nunchuks, blackjacks, etc?

and tonfa, staff, 3-sectional staff, escrima sticks on and on. what's the difference? if you have the right to carry brass knuckles why wouldn't you have the right to carry those?


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    "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, (or knuckles) shall not be infringed."
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    My Grandpa used to carry a blackjack in his back pocket and 32 in his front pocket when he went to the bad part of town in Jackson MS to collect rent. I remember he had a set of brass knuckles but he told me they were just paper weights.

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    Nice Texas is catching up.

    Brass kunckles and black jacks are/have been legal here for years and had/sold them in the store I worked at.

    Also sold switchblades and knives/swords of every length as there are no restrictions on edged weapons in this state.

    Perfectly legal to walk around with a pistol on your hip and carry a rifle/shotgun, knife and sword if you want...but have to be over 18.. and 21 for handgun

    The government has no rights. Only the people have rights which empowers the government.
    We have enough gun laws, what we need is IDIOT control.
    Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.

    I thought getting old would take longer. :shock:
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    Q&D I don't know where you live but here in NC we have some wacky laws.

    One is you cannot conceal carry a Bowie Knife :shock:

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    I had to look up the Florida regulation regarding brass knuckles. It seems that brass knuckles are not illegal in Florida, but it is illegal to carry them concealed. I appears that you can wear brass knuckles around town- open carry, but you can't keep them in your pocket unless you have a CCW. Considering the size and weight of a set of brass knuckles, a small caliber automatic would be a more sensible choice for concealed carry.
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    Don?t forget their in your back pocket if you sit down. Razor sharp.
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    "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, (or knuckles) shall not be infringed."
    arms is arms!
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    I'll take my chances with a gun. I don't want to get close enough to hit a scum bag with brass knuck's or stab'em with a knife.
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    Gotta get too close. I will keep the Colt. Besides, I don't want to live in Texas. I can always talk with Nunn by cell. :D
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    I made some out of 1" thick Clear Plexiglass Stock, in Plastics fabrication class, back in the 70's. (On the down low.)

    Pretty nice, fit my hand perfectly, I have no idea what happened to them over the years. I also have some clear 1" rod Nunchukas, that I still have. Perfect weight and balance. My favorite pair out of several.

    I used to work out with Nunchukas for a time. I used to be pretty proficient with them. Still somewhat capable.

    Rather have/use Nunchukas over Brass/Plexiglass knuckles. Reach out and touch someone.

    Extreme NE TN/W NC ya'll. 😁

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