Please inform me what's so interesting about this??

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I answered a question over in the fishing forum concerning a Shakespeare model 35 spinning reel. In one week there are over 1000 reads. I have never had this specific model - but I have had Mitchell's - Garcia's - Penn's - and a bunch of others. I don't understand the specific interest in this model of spinning reel. Can you please bring me up to speed as to why all the interest??

Many Thanks in advance - Best Regards - AQH


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    I've never owned a Shakespeare spinning reel but I have heard and read that they are considered to be pretty good low to mid-level quality reels and pretty good for their price for people that don't fish very often. Some people keep a couple around as loaners for visiting friends and family members because if they break them they're not out very much money.

    Years ago I did own a couple of pretty good Shakespeare Ugly Stik fishing rods that I used in places where I didn't want to damage one of my vintage Garcia Conolon rods.

    As for spinning reels for me, I'm an old geezer that doesn't use anything but the old Mitchell Reels. I know they make some nice looking new brands of spinning reels today and I might someday buy one after they've been in use for 60 to 70 years like the majority of my old Mitchell's have.
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    I'da thought asking this on the fishing forum would have been the hot set up for getting an informative answer. :D
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    I dunno but a Shakespeare spinner on an Ugly Stick is the only combo I'd use. still got mine from the 80's and I fly my kites with them
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    "Smitty500mag" & "bushmaster" - I appreciate your responses to my inquiry. I have never owned a Shakespeare spinning reel. From your replies it must be a modestly priced and reasonably reliable introductory step up from a spin-cast reel to an open face spinning reel.

    Many Thanks for your replies - Best Regards - AQH
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    Could it be those "Bot" thingy's?
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    AQH, is that a new model, or an older, vintage one? I can't really answer anything particular to it, but have owned a few older Shakespeare reels, none of which I recall model numbers. My personal favorites are old Mitchell 300s and Garcia 505s.
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    35 - the only thing I know is the question concerned a Shakespeare model 35 spinning reel - need a new bail spring.

    Best Regards - AQH
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    6 of us fished way up on Canada for many years. We all had the same Mitchell's and carried extra spools etc just in case! Great reels. Never used any of the extra parts
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    Very UN-interesting to me.

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    We used to say "Shakespeare, Kick in the rear!"
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