man-u-troll - hand-powered trolling "motor"

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Some years ago I saw a hand powered trolling "motor" - that was operated like an old pitcher pump. Thanks to a forum member this is what I am looking for. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/140690-man-u-troll-trolling-motor If you have one of the man-u-troll units that was made in Jacksonville, Florida - please put it on the auction side under my screen name with the "buy-it-now" option and e-mail me the auction number. Many Thanks - AdamsQuailHunter - AQH


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    They show up on ebbbbaayy every so often. Big bucks when in good condition. Very collectible !!!
    I saw one on it's storage stand a few years back at the Highway 127 yard sale. {big 800 mile
    yardsale event}.
    Thought what a cool idea it was. Should have bought it. :(

    There are cheaper, newer types out there nowadays.
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