Bonus....Took my wife shopping today and ....

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I dropped her off at the local mall before heading over to a coin shop in a mall on the other side of town...Hung out for an hour or so looking at different items in the place before deciding to walk back out to the car. Hot and humid today and as usual I park way in the back as if there is no one parking right next to you, no door dings or worse.

As I got about 30 feet from my car, there was a twenty dollar bill just sitting there...No cars anywhere nearby so I picked it up and was on my way...
Stopped off and bought a 100 rds of 9mm and had enough left over for a big cold drink.... :D


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    reminds me of many years ago sitting on a bench in the shade on the edge of the midway at the State Fair...noticed a bill lying on the walkway about 30 feet from me and many people walking over it with narry a glance...waited till the foot traffic thinned and went over and picked up a $10 bill..OK
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    Big Mistake! Shudda spent it on the wife.
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    He Dog wrote:
    Big Mistake! Shudda spent it on the wife.

    Big sales at the mall...she got the better end of the deal today.... :D
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    I found a nice looking lady's watch in a parking lot. After putting an ad asking someone to ID it in the local paper and in the store, and no one claiming it, I had my jeweler take a look at it. Turns out it was made of 14 K gold and diamonds, and the retail price was over $900, even though it wouldn't run! Put it on Flebag and it brought $540. I bought me a nice rifle. :)
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    Once while we were camping in Oklahoma we stopped at a grocery in Muskogee. My wife went in and the dog and I waited out in the parking lot. I glanced out the window and saw five $20.00 dollar bills on the ground. I picked them up, then saw a very poor looking family coming across the lot obviously looking for their lost money. I called out and asked if this was what they were looking for. Their relief was worth more than the found money.
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