truck !!!!!!!!!!

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OK :
Found the truck I was looking for yesterday ! Ford Ranger ext. Cab 4x4 ( Used ) :::

Long story : Lying used car salesman : I got mad and walked out ( long story ): On the way home found another one (nicer truck , just a std bed instead of a step-side ?) ? By the way : This 'used car salesman' was GREAT !!!! Bought it ! now have all three (3) yes 3 vehicles at home ? I know ???

But Im getting ready to list the full size truck to sell !!!

Thanks !!!

p.s. if I knew how ? I would post some pics :::
The more people I meet : The more I like my Dog :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I Grew Old Too Fast (And Smart Too damn Slow !!!) !!! :o :?


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