Still in methhead mode or is it white trash?

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Safeway had a coupon for Ball Park Franks .99 a pack limit 4. So I had to get 4 and max out my limit on the coupon. Got a sack of Wonder Bread and I'm having split pan fried hotdogs on Wonder. High class version of fried bologna sandwich :lol:. Haven't had one of these in years. Might be closer to a decade? Typically I have some sort of hot dog but rarely bread. Usually got nori and rice so I "sushi roll" hot dogs now and again at Yosh's house (no ketchup or mustard in that roll, that's just wrong :D).

Just remembered no PBR but I do have Oly. Need a trucker hat and a mullet (the hair style of "my" people?).


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    pig * and lips :lol:
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    I'm not white trash enough for plain hotdogs, but slather some coney sauce on there & it's a whole nother meal.
    And you've got my curiosity with the sushi roll hot dogs.
    Are those raw? Like sushi style for real? I don't think I could do that.
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    Nothing wrong with the occasional tube steak. Can't say the same for Wonder Bread. The only wonder is that some people eat it. Here in Michigan it is mandatory to eat Coney dogs at least once every couple of months. The biggest controversy is Flint or Detroit style. Detroit sauce is soupy and Flint is drier. Both coney sauces are made with ground beef heart. We normally don't buy hot dogs to fix at home. Instead we buy Koegels' Polish dogs. About twice the diameter and a little polish sausage seasoning. One of those on a Sub bun plus toppings makes a meal. Bob
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    Your blood must be 30 wt after that meal!
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    Nah man, you need 2 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, fry an 8 pack of Oscar Meyer hotdogs, chop them up and mix into the Mac & Cheese. Then get a big glass of sweet tea and pig out like a starving bum on welfare day!
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    Spent a couple days this week working my way through a package of these. Fried, steamed, boiled, cold, doesn't matter. Come to think of it, I actually prefer them cold, right out of the package. Haven't had them for probably 30 years, and basically made a pig of myself. I did have hot dog buns, though.:D ;)

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    Yosh's Hotdog Sushi Roll

    Nori is placed on a cutting board (one of those 10X10 sheet not those Teriyaki Nori Strips those are for the Pigs in Blanket style sushi rolls) place warm plain rice or if you like fried rice for you fancy folks about 3/4 way up the nori leaving about 1/4 with no rice. No more than 1/2" thick even layer of rice. Place 2 boiled Hotdog (sometimes one just isn't "long" enough) at the edge with the rice. Now roll the whole thing towards the side with no rice. Like rolling a fat blunt. Then eat it like a burrito. I suppose you could cut it 3/4" thick wheels but when you're hungry now it's kind a waste of time.

    mac10 - "Great Outdoors". It's too bad I no longer can attempt to eat the 96-er :cry::cry::cry:.

    tomh. - Don't know what "coney sauce" I'm thinking Ketchup?

    BobJudy - So not Ketchup but beef heart sauce? Must be irony. I'll have to google it to see if it's like chili?

    shilowar - What's lard rated at?

    Big Sky Redneck - Not really a Mac n' Cheese man even with cut up hotdogs. I do like sweet tea. It's like Thai Iced Tea without the milk.
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    Split pan fried hotdogs with a sunny side up egg sandwich. That was good. Had some tortilla chips and some shredded cheese so I nuked them together. Had red beer to wash all that down.

    I got some Doritos so I'm gonna try that "poor man's" nachos trick. I wonder how Doritos will do in a microwave?
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    Had Bright Leaf hot dogs for supper tonight . Regional brand of red hot dog here in NC .Some sloppy joe and cheese on top with jets up and food lion bbq tater chips. Great eating right there .
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