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Is the Trump Administration Imposing More Gun Control through BATFE with a Ban on Pistol Braces?

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The Mostest Second Amendmentest Supportingest POTUS Ever!

You Fuddites had best support and vote for him again and make excuses for his gun control and anti-constitution actions because.... Democrats.

Viva La Trumpenstein!

" Is the Trump Administration Imposing More Gun Control through BATFE with a Ban on Pistol Braces? UPDATE
Firearms News Staff Report - August 13, 2019

Firearms News has inquired with multiple sources in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere in order to confirm what some firearm attorneys feel is the next step for pistol braces and to bring more light on this issue. As soon as we receive all answers to our inquires, we will post them on this page so be sure to check back for updates. We will leave the question mark at the end of this article?s title until more information becomes available or until there is confirmation that Trump administration and BATFE are moving forward with the regulation of pistol braces.

A rumor appears to have been verified as fact last night, via the website, as firearms Attorney Joshua Prince posted on Instagram that his sources have informed him that the BATFE will be issuing a statement regarding pistol arm braces at the request of President Trump. The statement will not be good news to gun owners as most likely President Trump, or his ?best people,? have asked BATFE to reverse their decision which allows gun owners to place an arm brace against the shoulder without being prosecuted for having an unregistered short-barreled rifle. Will gun owners see a declaration that all arm braces are rifle stocks or will we see all braces banned outright? We will know within a short period of time. Possibly, the BATFE will just revert back to their last decision and state that the user cannot place the brace against the shoulder and there will be no confiscation of the braces as some gun owners fear. If pistol braces are all declared to be rifle stocks, a user can still attach the device to a long-gun configuration firearm. However, if they are declared as rifle stocks users, including the disabled, will not be able to use them for one-handed pistol firing.

President Donald Trump has been proving himself to be one of the most anti-2nd Amendment presidents in the last 50 years with the emperor-like push of his bump stock ban, his support of over 21-gun purchase legislation, his obvious lack of understanding the 2nd Amendment, his ignoring of gun control laws which passed in the last two years in CA, OR, WA, IL, NV, NM, NY, NJ, MA, FL, VT, CT and elsewhere (without an effortless tweet in opposition), support for soviet-esque red flag laws which destroy the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments, and his statement that he does not like silencers. (See links below regarding President Trump and the 2nd Amendment for more information.)

Most likely, any BATFE declaration will be backed up by legislation at a later date just as the import ?assault weapons? ban legislation of 1989 was passed after President George H.W. Bush stopped all imports earlier that year by presidential order. It looks like gun owners have nothing to look forward to in this Trump presidency.

If this is the kind of ?winning? Trump spoke about during his campaign, gun owners are now wondering who is he ?winning? for.
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    Sadly there?s A LOT of people who will still vote for him. Makes no difference what he does with the 2nd Amendment. But but but he?s only 40% anti gun. As long as he ain?t coming after mah 870 or Rem 700 I don?t care bout no bumpstocks or them fancy AR?s. Tread harder Daddy Donald.
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