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a borg a senator race, and an imprisoned governor

discusdaddiscusdad Member Posts: 12,917 ✭✭✭✭
edited August 2019 in Politics
the convoluted story of how obama became senator from illinois...the backdrop..George Ryan had been the illinois governor in prison leadng up to the election. Jack RYAN was the Republican candidate[ no relation] except for politica name assassination efforts from the Democrats.....then this skeleton came out about Mr Ryan.


the aftermath.....Ryan is forced to drop out of the race, and Alan Keyes is brought into run a shortened campaign. Democrats termed him a carpetbagger, not being a resident of Illinois until this election mess happens..Obama wins........7of9 struts her assets on a successful tv series. Dan Ryan disappears from political view. George Ryan serves more time, until parole releases him for ill health, and ultimately death shortly after. obama, well we all know that story
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