LULAC Demands Banning Assault Weapons

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The Hispanic politicians are getting nervous with people committing gun violence after losing their jobs now. Of Course, unbridled illegal immigration
and giving citizenship to them while this country has lost millions of middle-class jobs and then giving billions away for welfare has nothing to do with it!
Semi-skilled jobs are going to be cut drastically soon and All politicians know it and they know there will be chaos soon enough! The people here seeking work are not going to find it. Only free government benefits with free money for all will stifle this trend until communism is brought back to satisfy the electorate. They have the votes and Elizabeth Warren is getting ready to unseat President Trump in my opinion. The left has already said corporate tax cuts is going to end and in fact, increase!

Read between the lines on this and them seeking a motive for this horrendous crime,they will make it a white racial issue of it if they can.


We cannot fully express our sadness and outrage at yet another incidence of violence involving the use of firearms. The investigation is already underway, and we will monitor its findings closely to learn whether this individual had a motive for this mass murder.


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    bet lulac has zero response to the illegal deported 5 times and then kills a young gal in kalif...and the stoopid liberal jury there finds him innnnnocent ..seems a federal case is brewing against this POS, so there may be some justice yet...if they can find him
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