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Finnish police are investigating one of their Christian politicians in Finland for an alleged hate crime when she shared a BIBLE verse that describes same sex relationships as shameful on facebook.....2 other politicians are also being investigated for similar statements ????????? could this happen here??? will we be free to denounce activities considered against our religion or stand up against those imported into AMERICA who are set to destroy our country ??


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    It won't happen if we get up off our butts and scream louder than the liberals. You know, squeeky wheel.
    Start screaming out the truth, not whispering ,, oh thats a lie,,, scream it out thru a bullhorn like those * antifa fools .
    Go to their marches and out number them & out scream them.
    That's how we have to get the politicians attention. Sitting on your butt in front of your computer bitching isn't getting you any where.
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